Good and wonderful deed: this man decided to sell his car to save the life of his dog

The man realized he needed to choose between a dog and a car.

True love knows no boundaries, and when this pet realized he had to choose between a dog and a car, the choice was clear.

Randy Etter first realized something was wrong with his dog Gemini when the puppy became lethargic and started chasing him too.

Then, as the Twins started spitting up, Etter began to fear for his dog’s life.

Etter rushed the Twins to the vet, but the cause of the Twins’ anxiety proved difficult to diagnose.

The vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Gemini, but Etter wasn’t about to give up. Gemini was his friend and he would do anything to get help from him.

Etter was so focused on finding a veterinarian who could treat Gemini that he ended up giving up on his task, frantically visiting vet after vet.

Despite visiting numerous veterinarians, no one could tell Etter what was wrong with his cute dog.

“It just seemed to me that I would not go anywhere and in time I would not give him the help he needed. It was really one of the scariest things I had to deal with”. Etter informed the Dodo.

But finally, the source of the Gemini’s discomfort and suffering was discovered; there was something stuck in his gastrointestinal tract.

Etter’s partner’s baby played with the dog, tossing him his container.

Etter tried to quickly take out the bottle whenever the child tossed it to the dog, but at some point the Twins did gain access to the bottle without Etter’s understanding, and also swallowed some of the top of the bottle.

This bottle became clogged and the Gemini needed surgery.

The operation cost $4,500, even more than Etter had.

However, Etter was not prepared to let his friend die. Etter posted a genuine Facebook post outlining his circumstances, as well as putting his cars and truck up for sale.

With the money from the sale of his cars and truck, he could keep the dog he loves so much, and he wanted someone to agree to buy it.

However, after a stunning display of human generosity, Etter didn’t have to deal with the marketing of his cars and trucks.

First, a friend of Etter intervened, who offered to lend him a car for $2,000. Then the SOAR Campaign helped raise $3,000 for Gemini’s surgery.

Gemini easily underwent a surgical operation and soon found themselves again in the caring arms of their beloved dad.

Thanks to the compassion, as well as the generosity of everyone who donated their money to help Gemini, his life was saved and Etter did not lose the puppy he loves so much.

Here you can learn more about the SOAR campaign as well as their initiatives to help people and their pets.

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