Good deed: This caring woman prepared a cozy place in her garage for a cute opossum

Opossums have their own charm and can sometimes win people over.

Opossums are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cute animals. They are generally considered nuisance rodents known for pretending to be dead or being killed on the road. On the other hand, opossums have their own charm and can sometimes win people over and get into their hearts.

In a Reddit post, one man described how a wild opossum became an unlikely housemate for his aunt. “This is Hank,” wrote Reddit user fuckingdirtycracker. Hank lives in my aunt’s garage. He is very old and has difficulty walking, so she makes him a warm place to rest and feeds him lots of treats.”

While many people tried to get opossums out of their garage, Hank made it his home. She has a large spacious garage, and the opossum has its own private place.

The relationship has been going on for several years and Hank seems content to have a place to stop and eat cat food.

Opossums have short lives and Hank is a few years old, but it’s nice that this opossum can live a comfortable life while he’s still around. And he convinced the internet that opossums can be adorable. Many Reddit commenters said they fell in love with them.

Thanks to this aunt for a cozy home for this elderly animal!

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