Great scene: the photographer managed to shoot cute moments between mom bear and her cubs

White moms bears are fierce defenders of their lovely beautiful babies.

They deserve their own space and peaceful life!

The photographer Paul Goldstein spent eight days in the Canadian territory of Nunavut, where he had a special meeting with the mother of the White Bear and her babies on the Baffin Island, known for his year-round population of white bears. He accidentally fell into an exciting scene!

Regardless of whether they were on a walk or clung to each other in the snow, Mom bear always carefully watched her babies. It was a magic moment for Goldstein, who had no guarantees that he would see white bears, nevertheless, a whole family.

What a beautiful family, they are so precious.

The population of the white bear on Baffin soil is stable and is about 2800 individuals. The babies of the white bear usually remain with their mother from two and a half to three years old. During this time, she will teach them all survival skills that they will need for prosperity. This includes hunting, swimming and feeding, as well as a lot of time for embrace!

Shows how much mom loves her babies!

It’s nice to see this, a beautiful mother and her kids, a beautiful polar family!

A loving mother takes care of her cubs and warms them.

Such beautiful creatures, we must do everything possible to save them!

Let’s take a message from white bears and elephants, which are wonderful defenders of their children.

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