Great solution: here is a special shelter for lonely kangaroo, whose mothers died

Such a good deed and thanks very much for taking care of these cute babies.

We all know that the Kangaroo should be in the mother’s bag, it is terrible what will happen if they lose their mother!

Chris Barnes Barnes was those who noticed that, although cats and dogs have many places where you can hide, there is practically nowhere to this unfortunate newborn kangaroo.

So, having worked as a zoo caretaker in the northern territory and an ornithologist in Western Australia, he decided to start his first project to save these charming animals, having built a shelter for orphaned kangaroo in Alice Spring, Australia.

With his zeal and love for animals, he founded his shelter to help young kangaroo, whose mothers were tragically killed or wounded by cars. He is currently taking care of 28 of these cases.

Chris often talks about how sad he to go to the scene and save the kangarits, who are still in his mother’s bag. He understands that he needs to do this, namely, grow these little puppies on behalf of their mother.

It’s great that there are such kind and practical people in the world. We read so much negativity about human behavior, it is pleasant to realize how many good in the world.

Great job, dear man.

Beautiful kangaroo.

Thank you, Chris, for all efforts and love that he experiences for this sweet animal !!!

Wonderful animals, it’s great that there is a shelter for them.

God bless God Chris and all his kangaroo. What a wonderful person with a loving and caring heart. Amen.

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