Has become a parent at 13: now a young mother and her daughter look like sisters

Mother admits that she would not want her daughter to repeat her fate.

This story is about an Austrian girl who was waiting for a child at 13 years old. Emma did not even know that she was pregnant, studied in the 7th grade, and few people around began to notice that her stomach was wandered.

Emma grew up in a tiny town located in Austria, in a family where total severity reigned, and at a very young age visited the Catholic Church. Everything changed as soon as the girl transferred to another school and began to live an adult life.

She was not like her peers, as she began to grow rapidly. Her body became more and more feminine, and Emma recovered. Emma naturally began to like boys, but not peers, but those who are older. So, in 2003, the girl met a guy who was 17 years old. He had to become the father of her unborn child. The girl became pregnant after two meetings. She noticed some changes in her body and even doubted her reason and shared her with her friend.

I told my friend. “I think I’m pregnant”.

“But then I panicked, so I did not say to anyone. I lied to my spouse and said that I have menstruation.

It sounds so stupid, but I really thought the pregnancy would pass. I just thought it would pass. Now it sounds fun, completely ridiculous, but I thought it would pass.

I did not do a pregnancy test, but for about five months I began to feel that my stomach is increasing.

Once I was in the bathroom and hit myself with a fist in the stomach. I just had a desire for my stomach to disappear”.

She was afraid to say this to her parents, fearing to upset them. The girl was so young that she did not realize all the consequences. The girl did not believe or did not want to believe, but over time her stomach began to grow rapidly. The girl did her homework while sitting when she began painful contractions. “I remember my mother returned home with her boyfriend. I lay down on my mother’s bed and felt such pain that I screamed. I shouted: “Call an ambulance, it hurts me very much”. My mother was amazed.

Doctors, a man and a woman arrived. The woman immediately realized what was happening, she said soothingly. “You will have a child” and felt his stomach.

And on October 4, 2003, a little girl weighing 2.2 kilograms was born.

“I remember when he only went out, I said all the time: My God, I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend.

The next morning I woke up, and she was there. I could not believe that I had a child”.

At the moment, the girl is 16, and she is in the seventh heaven with happiness that she has such a young and charming mother. They are more like sisters. Emma is also glad that they had so much in common with their daughter, but admits that she would not want her daughter to repeat her fate.

“It is so strange to think at her age that I had a child. I’m really trying to maintain her innocence. I want to keep her youth. I do not impose great responsibility on her. I want her to depend on me. It’s not so scary because I know that she should grow up, but I want her to enjoy life”.

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