He has short legs, but his sense of smell is acute: Red has worked with the police for seven and a half years

Red has worked with the police

Red, a corgi dog, served as an officer with the transport police in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Such dogs are hardly employed by the government, but Red became a very important worker thanks to his excellent sense of smell.

Red was well-liked by both his coworkers and regular people. His owner established a page for the dog on social media, where she also made the well-earned retirement announcement.

The canine, who is 9 years old, has spent 7.5 of those years with the police. While his contract was extended for one additional year, he was still set to retire in 2019.

With Olga, his owner.

Olga posted on Red’s Instagram profile on his behalf: “I am now, a really true retiree!”

Of course, the dog will continue to have an active lifestyle and exercise at home instead of lying about all day and gaining weight.

The two-year-old Fantyk, who is already picking up his new discipline at top speed, will now work for the police instead of Red.

With his companion.

We’re hoping Red’s owner will keep his Instagram active so we can see what the endearing legal watchdog is up to know that he’s retired.

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