He is simply the world’s tallest cow

The world’s tallest cow

Farming is not an easy endeavour. It costs a lot of money and requires a lot of effort. But in one particular one, the largest cow you’ve ever seen dwells, attracting all the attention to his farm.

 He is simply the tallest cow in the world

The owners had to allow guests to feed the tallest caw in the world since it was expensive to keep him.

Daniel is the man; he stands two metres tall and weighs more than a tonne. Despite the lack of documentation, he is the tallest animal in all of North America at his present sizes.

Since he was a young cub, his owners were aware that he would grow to be a large animal.

Daniel eats 8 kg of grain, 50 kg of hay, and many thousand litres of water per day.

Though to some he appears to be a “monster,” he is actually the most kind being around.

Daniel, though, benefits greatly from his status as a large one. He receives separate lunches, his own barn, and everyone’s attention.

Some even give him cookies.

Daniel is waiting to be included to the Guinness World Records, but the process has been delayed because of technological issues.

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