He returned for the neighbor’s puppies as people were protecting their property

Wonderful puppies

Floods occur frequently in several American states, and the population has become accustomed to them.

On one of those days, a man hurriedly gathered his most priceless possessions in his home. He heard crying coming from the home next door as he was leaving.

He had to believe he could be of assistance—who else could?

It came out that the crying was coming from ten tiny puppies. The guy threw away everything and started building a raft out of a mattress to rapidly get the babies to safety.

The owners left the puppies to die, grabbed their belongings from the house, and then departed, which is the worst part of the case. And at their own peril, a total stranger saved them from certain death.

It’s comforting to know that there are still people in the world that are not self-centered.

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