He was brought to the shelter only to search for a new home

He has searched for a new home

Finding a true love may not be simple, but it is worth the effort. The tale of this dog will persuade you of its veracity. Wall-E is his name. The abounding robot in the well-known cartoon had the same name. What’s more remarkable is that they both practise the same religion.

He was removed from the shelter in 2015 by his former owner. But lately, his owner brought him and his possessions back to the shelter. He didn’t have time to care for Wall-E, which was the cause.

The incident moved the workers at the shelter so much that they created a social media post sharing his experience. The news spread quickly. A woman visited the shelter about six weeks later with the obvious intention of adopting the dog.

She was immediately submerging in the miserable creature. Her first animal was also present, and they got along well with one another.

Wall-E is content and secure right now, living with his lovely new family that always has time for him.

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