Here is the legend of the disco of the 80s: this is what the famous actor Mithun Chakraborty looks like in his 70

Here is Jimmy from the Disco Dancer and the Indian actor already 70.

This legendary picture was first released on our screens in 1982, making «Dancing Dancing» by a real classic of Indian cinema, which still has a multimillion -dollar army of fans around the world.

The plot of the «Disco Dancer» is based on the history of Jimmy, who, born in an extremely poor family and without money, was forced to perform on the streets with his uncle to earn extra money. Later, he and his mother had to run abroad, and over time, Jimmy became a beautiful young man, a real conqueror of female hearts. Then he met a girl, who was madly in love with.

It should be noted that the path to the success of the legendary Indian actor M. Chakraborty was completely difficult, and his healthy sense of rhythm, great talent and charisma left no one indifferent.

Surprisingly, the legend of Disco Dancing has been continuing to enjoy wide popularity and demand in its hometown for 70 years. Currently, he is married to his colleague Yogita Bali, from whom he has four children. It is worth noting that as soon as his wife found out about the betrayal of a man on the set of the film, she was ready to commit suicide. Whereas, fortunately, everything worked out, and she forgave her husband.

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