How cute is this: the lovely pet gives an incredible kiss to this cute dolphin

The tale of the relationship between the dog Gunner and the dolphin named Delta.

Gunner is a domestic dog of the offspring of golden retrievers, this is a really charming, intelligent, cuddly pet who loves to make new friends. Usually the dog’s buddy is another pet, however Gunner has a dolphin best friend named Delta.

The duo became friends because Gunner was 8 weeks old and Delta was 4 weeks old. Although their relationship is a fictional fairy tale, recent photos on Twitter have gone viral.

A guy named Ken, also known as @_woolyback, tweeted a photo of Gunner giving Delta the dolphin an enthusiastic and fragrant kiss. Alongside the photo, Ken wrote, “Sorry to interrupt, big news”. In the end, more than 1.3 million people have watched this picture, and hundreds of hundreds of people have shared it.

One woman, @mz_jolene, responded to the tweet by stating, “I love this! My heart has been very heavy lately, but this makes it much easier.

Delta currently lives at the Dolphin Proving Ground in Grassy Trick, Florida. The canine Gunner came and hung out with his close friend flipper from the start as well. People working at the facility have shared a backup photo of the couple so followers can see how their relationship is shaping up.

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