How good they look: beautiful Hayek and her millionaire husband conquered all fans

Cult Hollywood actress Hayek finally showed her millionaire husband.

Hayek is considered one of the most successful and talented actresses in Hollywood. The 53-year-old woman, in fact, is one of the most sought-after movie stars who has built a dizzying career in the film industry and continues to act brilliantly in films to this day. Salma loves her husband unconditionally and often mentions his name during interviews. Whereas her husband rarely appears in public and few people know about him.

It should be noted that the actress is happily married to a French businessman. They legalized their relationship in 2009, and recently the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch a couple.

Under their soulful photos, you can find comments such as “What a beautiful couple”, “They don’t suit each other at all”, “She was lucky to marry a rich man”, “Such a harmonious couple!” .

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