How people don’t like this look: everyone didn’t like the recent outfit of 9-year-old daughter Victoria Beckham

Beckham fans were quick to criticize her for dressing her baby like this.

As you know, Victoria Beckham, a former member of the popular group Spice Girl, launched her own clothing collection. She decided to go into this particular business, since she gets nothing but pleasure from this occupation.

The cult actress never ceases to amaze everyone with her elegant and extraordinary image, setting new trends and becoming a style icon for millions. But just recently, the baby star was dressed in such a way that her followers rushed to criticize her mother. The 9-year-old girl posed in front of a mirror in an elegant dress from her mother’s own collection.

Some were more than sure that the dress gave the girl more charm, others argued that a dress in this style makes her older and does not match her age.

What do you think?

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