How the giant turtle with a crack on his shell was saved in San Diego

How a giant turtle was saved

The largest of the African land tortoises is the African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata), a fairly sizable land reptile. These enormous turtles typically reside in central Africa, but an injured one was unexpectedly seen in a San Diego suburb. He may have been someone’s pet and he got away into the wilderness. However, the turtle’s luck ran out when a dog barked at it, startling it. The turtle retreated away and fell from a height of ten meters, breaking its shell badly in the process.

When a local citizen observed this appalling scene, they dialed “County Animal Services.” Service experts inspected the wounded turtle in the clinic and discovered that it was a male, between the ages of 35 and 40, with three cracks in its shell.

The turtle’s moniker is Humpty Dumpty (Humpty Dumpty). The fractured tortoise shell was first strengthened with screws and wire, and the cracks were then filled with an unique paste made of epoxy resin and covered with an elastic film.

The cute turtle now has a protracted rehabilitation period to get through. The adorable animal is now feeling strong and at ease. The turtle’s owner has not yet been located. But we are confident that he will show up, and the adorable animal will go back to his cozy spot as quickly as he has recovered.

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