How to Convert an old Bookcase Into a wonderful and amazing Pantry

How an old bookcase becomes the new pantry

Even if you have the ideal kitchen, complete with the finest materials and brand-new gadgets, there is one item we always seem to want more of: area!

Fortunately, we have this simple DIY idea that explains how to convert an old bookcase into your very own pantry—or, additional fridge, or dish cabinet, depending on what you need. We’re confident you’ll put this to good use.

Find a bookcase that will fit in the location where you intend to put it and that can hold your desired books first. Thrift shops often have really great rates on used bookcases, and since you’ll be refinishing the furnishings, you won’t need to search for one in great shape.

It’s time to sand and paint once you have your bookcase! Remove any wood deterioration, splinter-prone regions, or surfaces that are harsh or old. If the bookshelf of your choosing has already been repainted, gently sand off the flat surfaces to remove a few coats of paint.

After that, start painting! Of course, if you enjoy the way your bookcase appears the way it is, you can keep it that way. However, if you want a more natural look, you may remove the paint and polish the wood to give it that look.

It’s important to construct the door frame once you have the bookcase set up exactly how you want it. Cut some plywood to the bookshelf’s width and length after taking measurements. Then construct the doors after adding the side slots.

Staining, adding chicken wire and knobs, and then using hinges to join the doors to the bookcase are the only remaining steps.

Watch the clip below to learn how it’s done!

Source: 12tomatoes

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