How touchingly the puppy cries when he understands that he was finally sheltered and will live happy

The puppy sobs when he finds out that he was rehabilitated after being alone.

The lonely puppy was found abandoned, in the company of which there were only a plastic container and towel.

The puppy sobs when he finds out that he was rehabilitated after he was abandoned.

Therefore, the friend was taken to the veterinarian for all his usual tests.

Because of its miserable state, this poor puppy looked lonely and depressed.

He clearly experienced discomfort, but the doctor had to conduct some tests to see what causes him.

These sad and poor eyes were filled with sadness and disappointment, as shown in the film.

Having discovered it on the highway alone, the dog was exposed to various pollutants and dirt.

Around him there were ticks everywhere, which must have been cut, having caused him numerous wounds.

Then the veterinarian discovered traces of claws throughout his weak body.

Even on the veterinarian table, the poor thing trembled with pain and fear.

His wounds were infected with leptospirosis, and he was all sick.

Although this is curable, the mortality rate is significant.

The only explanation that they could come up with was that larger dogs mocked this dog, and a negligent owner took care of it.

This unfortunate dog had to wait in the cage during the reception.

And the great news is that this previously abandoned puppy reacted positively to all its methods of treatment!

This beautiful boy really took two weeks to feel healthy enough to get out of prison.

After all, the veterinarian sent fresh tests for leptospirosis to the laboratory, there are only positive results!

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