Hundreds of people saw the abandoned dog at the train station, but just one of them took action

An abandoned dog was saved

During rush hour, hundreds of people saw a dog left behind at a train station in New York, but only one was able to step in and save the frightened and worried dog that was attached to the subway platform.

Hundreds of travellers rushed to catch their trains at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal without stopping to save the dog attached to a railing.

She appeared to have been placed there as a bed because of the waste bag on her side and the spiked collar she was sporting. The dog, which had been dumped at the train station, appeared to have given birth recently.

It had been there for at least an hour, and no one had called the police or animal control, according to Marisa Grimshaw of Mr. Bones & Co. We can only guess how many people passed her by without stopping to help her since they didn’t think it was normal.

The animal was sent to a Brooklyn animal sanctuary, where workers gave it the name Betsey.

Marisa observes that Betsey was quiet. “However, the employees at the shelter didn’t appear to care about her behaviour. She wagged her tail, making the other dogs smell her.

What matters most is that Betsey stayed in touch with her first New York City friend. She hadn’t forgotten about Sarah. According to Marisa, Betsey was thrilled to see Sarah there the following day and that she remembered her when Sarah paid her a visit at the shelter.

According to Marisa, Betsey appears to have been a dog that was brutally dumped after being used for breeding and commercial purposes.

We have no idea where her pups are, Marisa explains. She was undoubtedly used to raise puppies, and it’s likely that they are being sold.

A callous individual could have made money without working if Betsey, who is only two years old, produced multiple litters.

Sarah and Mr. Bones helped Betsey leave the shelter so they could find her a foster family as soon as possible. But Sarah wanted to spend the first night with Betsey before she went to the foster home.

The next day, Betsey was moved into the foster home, but she is still looking for a long-term family who would understand that she is still getting used to being someone’s dog.

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