In a shelter, this dog is quite dejected and unable to raise its head

The poor canine

It was tragically obvious what the poor canine Romeo would go through when he was taken to a busy shelter in New York City at the age of seven. Because of all the strange sounds and smells in his environment, as well as the fact that his family isn’t around, this dog is quite depressed and is unable to contain his feelings.

For the second day in a row, he refused to lift his head off the ledge in his kennel. “Not a muscle, truly,” Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs wrote on Facebook.

Romeo is definitely not at blame for being just another number at a shelter.

It was given to a family friend, who had it for two months but wasn’t able to use it.

Romeo simply waited on death row with his head lowered because he had no possibility of finding a family who would show him the love the other had withheld from him.

Only Second Chance was able to save Romeo because they wanted to offer him another chance and get him out of that predicament. In this way Romeo was placed with a foster family, and things were good for a while.

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