In an effort to show his owner sympathy, a dog faked limping

 A dog faked limping

When one of our loved ones becomes ill, we all try to be as sympathetic as we can to help them feel better. It turns out that in situations like this, dogs behave exactly like humans. You must read Billy’s story if you don’t already believe it.

Billy is a typical dog in London, same like all the others. Russel Jones, the dog’s owner, recently injured his ankle and was unable to walk straight; as a result, the dog decided to imitate him.

Incredulous for eight years, Russell Billy was in good health and his legs weren’t giving him any trouble. He could see no other course of action other than taking him to the doctor. Veterinarians spent over $400 on the examination, which cost him £300, but they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Russell told ITV, “They stated they couldn’t detect anything wrong with him when he came out. He walked in normally.”

No one knows how long his hunts would have continued if, on one of the days, his wife hadn’t seen that the dog was truly jumping around in their lawn without any apparent cause. After putting everything together, they discovered that Billy was merely acting injured out of concern for his owner.

One of the most popular videos on the internet right now is a video that Russell posted showcasing the phenomenon. One group of viewers believes Billy is just a superb con artist, while the other believes it was simply a wonderful act of love.

What do you believe of it?

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