In Florida, an unusual cat that resembled a werewolf was rescued

Extraordinary cat looks like a werewolf

A strange-looking creature appeared in a Florida housing complex some time ago, climbing over trash cans in search of leftovers.

His fur was filthy, small and unhygienic, like that of a rat, his body was thin, and he wore a black “mask” on his muzzle. Because many locals thought of this animal as a werewolf, it was given that name.

It was, however, a stray cat with a unique gene mutation. On the basic principle of it, a new breed of cat known as the werewolf cat was devised about ten years ago.

This homeless cat was also plagued by ear inflammatory response and ingrown claws. Chris Poole, the cat’s rescuer, named him Logan and ended up taking him to the vet, where it was discovered that the cat was about 8 years old and terrified of individuals. His ingrown clawed feet were excruciatingly painful, and he was frightened of moving around. His claws were clipped and handled with an anti-infection medication by the vet. His ears were infected as well, so they had to be blanked and then washed with ear drops. Aside from that, the “werewolf” was riddled with fleas and had acute inflammatory eyes. He also had a psychiatric illness because he was afraid of everything and would not allow anybody to make contact him.

Logan could only relax after a while, knowing he was in excellent hands. Logan is now in a temporary relative and is progressively regaining his physical and mental health. He felt much better and calmer because he lives in a heated room.

Logan will be prepared for adoption and looking for a new family once he has fully recovered.

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