In London, a squirrel in a perilous condition was saved

A squirrel got stuck in the worst possible place

In pursuit of food or just out of interest, a squirrel entered this mansion in London and ended up being caught in the worst place imaginable: the toilet. Added justification for constantly closing the lid.

For those who lived in cottages in London’s Southwark neighbourhood, it was a typical Sunday. Up until one of the occupants unexpectedly noticed a squirrel floundering in the toilet as he went to use it.

The squirrel was obviously in a terrible condition because she was stuck in the toilet for at least an hour without being able to escape. The squirrel was exhausted and drenched with water. The home’s owner dialled the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals right away (RSPCA).

Kirsty Gillard, an officer, arrived at the scene. A stick was lowered into the toilet and the squirrel quickly grabbed on, making it simple to remove the squirrel.

The squirrel was then taken out and dried up with a towel.

Kirsty Gillard then checked the squirrel and discovered that aside from the wet wool, she is otherwise healthy.

«I believe she broke into the house through a roof-mounted window and took refuge in the bathroom. Fortunately, she didn’t require any extra assistance, and the animal was able to be released right away into the closest park.

While Kirsty has frequently witnessed bizarre and humorous scenarios involving various animals, this case is special to her because no one has ever been locked in the toilet before.

I once freed a bat that was trapped in a sink, but this squirrel now holds the record for the oddest situation.


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