In order to locate them new families, a brazilian priest allows street dogs into the church

A brazilian priest allows street dogs into the church

Padre Joo Paulo Araujo Gomez welcomes visitors to the church of St Ana Gravat in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco each Sunday, but stray dogs are welcome to join on every day of the week.

Being a pet lover, Padre Joao longs to locate all street animals responsible owners.

They are always welcome to stay, eat, and drink water here. Since this is God’s home and they are also God’s creations, they will seek shelter and safety here.

The condition of the dogs is also monitored by Padre, and they are all routinely evaluated by veterinarians. An abused dog is given medical attention. The worshippers’ dog should be in good health and have all the required immunizations. In containers, pups or kitties are occasionally thrown inside the cathedral where they first search for a family.

Since Padre began its operations, the area’s street dog population has drastically dropped, demonstrating the effectiveness of its efforts. The priest also benefits from the Internet in this regard because he frequently uploads images of canines to his Facebook or Instagram profiles.

Padre Joao himself set an outstanding demonstration by taking in a number of canines. Today, they reside at his home.

The church of St. Ana Gravata aids children and underprivileged families in regard to pets. For them, various items, foods, and toys are gathered.

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