In striking marble sculptures that seem to “malfunction,” the past and present clash

Wonderful marble sculptures

Marble Sculpture Busts by Leo Caillard

Limestone has been the main element used in wonders for millennia, from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance. And even while we typically identify this rock with idealised depictions of divinities, French artist Léo Caillard has discovered a method to bring the history of this ancient form of expression into the internet age. His Wavy Marble collection includes a variety of statues with classical influences that seem to “malfunction” before the viewer’s very eyes.

All of these elaborately carved works have conventionally portrayed elements, such as genuine facial characteristics and hair with substance, as well as a spectacular rise that deviates from the sculpture’s overall form. Caillard tells My Contemporary Met that “my art speaks about the relationships between the past, present, and future.” “Marble is an ageless, exquisite natural substance that is one of a kind in and of itself. Given that Greek and Roman art serve as inspiration for my own work, it felt vital to deal with this classical material. Virtuality is represented by the deformation. Our screens provide visuals that are exclusively on a digital frequency since we live in a digital world.

Despite the fact that the sculptor could have used this intriguing impact on any variety of marble sculptures, by opting for a classical style, he highlights the fusion of ancient art and the current-day norm of seeing art on a computer. “This collection of statues attempts to link the ‘virtual worlds’ of our modern civilization, symbolised by the abstraction of the wave displacement, with the’reality’ of the history, symbolized by the rock and the realistic face,” explains Caillard. It’s also a distinctive method of cutting marble because I need to employ contemporary methods to produce such deformities. In fact, whereas busts of this type typically have a fixed character, the wave analysis. the results these works a dynamic appearance, as though they could alter again at any time despite the hardness of the stone.

Caillard’s 1/1 NFTs are available to buy through SuperRare, and you can follow the artist on Insta to learn about their most recent creations and planned shows.

The interesting statues made by French artist Léo Caillard combine a classical art form with the current digital era.

Marble Sculpture Busts by Leo Caillard

Beautiful stone busts that have been damaged by imposing waves are subject to ongoing series called Wave Stone.

Marble Sculpture Busts by Leo Caillard

These statues consequently seem to be “graphical glitches out.”

Marble Sculpture Busts by Leo CaillardMarble Sculpture Busts by Leo CaillardMarble Sculpture Busts by Leo Caillard

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