In the woman’s hands, the abandoned puppy felt cozy and safe

The abandoned puppy felt cozy and safe

It seemed sense that the poor tiny puppy would be stressed and frightened when it suddenly appeared on the side of a deserted road. Even so, she remained hopeful that she might one day be able to trust someone again.

Georgiana Neagu, an animal rescuer, was the one who won the dog’s affection. She spotted her to be lonely and in a desperate state as she was driving by. She therefore went to her because she couldn’t remain aloof. The animal found it quite difficult to allow anyone to get so close to her. But as soon as she sensed the woman was trying to assist her, she relaxed and enjoyed being with her.

Georgiana was nice and kind with her, which was helpful to the poor woman who had never experienced such adoration and concern. She started to lick the woman’s hands as if to express her gratitude to her. It was incredibly heartwarming and lovely!

Georgiana brought the adorable kitten home and gave her the name Paula. Until she finds a permanent family, she will remain with the attractive woman. She now appreciates her savior and feels safe and happy.

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