Incredible movie-inspired gingerbread sculptures made by a woman

Incredible movie-inspired sculpture

Gingerbread Xenomorph Sculpture

Movement designer Caroline Eriksson is pushing the boundaries of the medium while most of us are just trying to figure out how to put together a gingerbread house that won’t fall apart. The Swedish artist has been creating stunning gingerbread structures inspired by movies since 2013. Her projects, which take her around five weeks to finish, get more complex every year.

After deciding on a subject, Eriksson begins her research before making the 1:1 drawing that she will use as a guide all through the process. From there, Eriksson constructs a straightforward wire framework that supports her artwork and enables her to determine its dimensions. The gingerbread, which is held together along with melted sugar, is layered on in the last step. Eriksson makes all of the gingerbread herself, making sure it’s sturdy enough to last while still providing the patterns she wants. The talented food artist makes all the gingerbread she requires using approximately 15 pounds of flour and 11 packs of sugar, which is then meticulously cut into the shapes she utilizes to construct the masterpiece.

Eriksson has been making gingerbread homes since she was a little child, but she has always been curious about what more she can accomplish with the material. This initially resulted in gingerbread palaces and boats, but she later became considerably more adventurous. Eriksson says My Contemporary Met, “I entered a gingerbread contest in 2013 and constructed Optimus Prime, a robot from the Robots movies. “After seeing the film, I had the notion that a robot must be feasible to construct as well if using basic inner shapes to support the construction and then adding layers of features on top. I won the competition, and the transformer image quickly became popular online and in publications. That is where it began.

Eriksson has been producing enormous gingerbread sculptures for the previous couple decades, including Darth Vader from Star Wars, the Xenomorph from Alien, and Smaug the Dragon from The Hobbit. She made a huge Groot sitting at a table from Guardians of the Galaxy for Christmas last year.

Though Eriksson draws ideas from a variety of sources, the most of them are directly tied to her passion of films. Examples include architecture and geometry. Her finished works, which display a talent for minute detail and adding dimension via roughness, demonstrate this. These particulars can be the most challenging to iron out, but as a designer, Eriksson finds them to be the most rewarding.

To push the boundaries of what is possible with this medium, she acknowledges, “takes a lot of work and experimentation to get perfect, but it is also what I find most enjoyable.”

The amazing gingerbread creations made by Caroline Eriksson, motivated by movies, are well-known.

Gingerbread Sculpture by Caroline ErikssonGingerbread Sculpture by Caroline Eriksson

These elaborate artworks, which include Darth Vader from Star Wars, can take up to 5 weeks to build.

Gingerbread Darth VaderDarth Vader Gingerbread SculptureGingerbread Darth VaderDarth Vader Gingerbread SculptureGingerbread Darth VaderGingerbread as an Art MediumHow to Make Gingerbread Sculpture Stand Up

Characters like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy are created by a Swedish designer who manufactures all of her own gingerbread.

Groot Gingerbread SculptureGingerbread Groot from Guardians of the GalaxyCreative Sculpture with GingerbreadGroot Gingerbread SculptureGuardians of the Galaxy Gingerbread SculptureCaroline Eriksson Gingerbread SculpturesGingerbread Groot from Guardians of the GalaxyCreative Sculpture with Gingerbread

Her work has become extremely popular considering the level of detail and beautiful materials she can produce.

Xenomorph Gingerbread SculptureXenomorph Gingerbread SculptureAlien Gingerbread SculptureXenomorph Gingerbread SculptureGingerbread Sculpture by Caroline ErikssonGingerbread Sculpture by Caroline ErikssonGingerbread Sculpture by Caroline ErikssonGingerbread Sculpture by Caroline Eriksson

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