Interesting fact: here is Joshua Beckford, a 14-year-old intellectual who studied at Oxford

A boy named Joshua Beckford was diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

He is only 14 years old, but he is called one of the smartest kids in the world.

By the age of six, most children were still learning to read and count, and Beckford was intellectually ready to enter one of the best universities in the world.

As early as 10 months old, Joshua, according to his father, could read, write and understand the alphabet. By the age of two, he could read fluently, and by the age of three, he was already speaking Japanese.

Joshua Beckford is currently considered the youngest child ever to study at the University of Oxford.

When he was six years old, his father contacted a famous university, and the bright boy went to study philosophy and history.

The classes were designed for gifted children between the ages of eight and 13, but 6-year-old Beckford managed to complete both classes with honors.

A young intelligent guy wants to pursue a career in neurosurgery.

Beckford said that his main goal was to develop the world and save the Earth. But he is not going to limit himself to medicine, but also wants to become an astronaut. He is currently writing a children’s book about Egypt.

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