Interesting idea: it’s even surprising to find out why this man collected and filled the entire yard with tires

We have the most brilliant ideas when we experience hardship and deprivation.

While failure breaks down some people, causing them to give up on their dreams and goals, it strengthens others, encouraging them to discover other options and find solutions to problems and obstacles. This strong-willed African is in the second group, whom failure did not break, instead he came up with a brilliant and ingenious idea.

This man was born in a small village where people had to make efforts and overcome a lot of difficulties in order to earn a living. The family in which he was born was no exception. They were constantly short of opportunity, money, and clothing. The situation worsened when his father became addicted to gambling and sank into doubt.

The hero of today’s incredible story came up with a brilliant idea to help his family cope with such a painful and hopeless situation. With the last money, he rushed to buy tires and make shoes out of them. Initially, these shoes had an extremely simple design: the sole was made of thick tires, and the bridges and straps were made of thinner tubes. The guy set prices from 1 to 3 dollars and the first ones were successfully sold out.

When he filled the entire yard with these tires, their neighbors had no idea why he did it, and even mocked his family. And the man was inspired by the first successful results and continued in the same spirit. Since many people in Africa were deprived of shoes, they were happy to get them at such a reasonable price.

Over time, he had employees who, instead of him, began to make shoes from tires. They could make not only thicker shoes for men, but also thinner and more elegant shoes for women. Gradually his business became very successful.

The heroic man managed to pay off the money his father owed and greatly improved the financial situation of his family. Although many make such handmade shoes from tires, the guy is not going to stop there and plans to expand his business.

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