Interesting idea: this surfer enthusiastically travels to different places in search of underwater treasures

Traveling the world, this man is looking for underwater treasures.

Today we will tell about this inquisitive and enthusiastic Australian who has dedicated his life to traveling the world in search of underwater treasures. As soon as he realized that this was actually his calling, he hurried to acquire all the necessary and necessary tools, setting off on his fascinating and breathtaking journey.

Bondi is a professional surfer who one day accidentally spotted a sparkling thing buried in the sand, later learning it was a coin. And when he dug even deeper, Bondi found more coins. It was a time when man clearly realized that he wanted to devote his life to finding valuable stones and other treasures from under the water. First of all, he got a waterproof detector.

Since he was well acquainted with his homeland, Bondi began to travel the world, visiting the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Thailand, France and the UK.

In some cases, today’s hero mines treasures and antiques with the help of metal detectors. And sometimes he even has to use powerful magnets.

Thanks to his professional, painstaking and conscious approach to his work, Bondi managed to find a large number of interesting and quite valuable things. Among his finds are more than five dozen safes (including coins, bank cards, keys and securities), then numerous jewelry, bicycles, weapons and even a BMW motorcycle.

One of the most unique pieces was a 17th century ring, as well as a Rose Noble coin from the same century. Bondi uses his discoveries in different ways. Sometimes he sells them, or gives them to other people, or keeps them for himself.

It was a shame only that the man, unfortunately, did not have a single person with whom he could share his emotions and impressions about his travels and about all the underwater things that he managed to find. As a result, the traveler decided to create a YouTube channel and find those with whom he was on the same wavelength. His adventures and discoveries are witnessed and adored by thousands of people who admire the enthusiasm, determination and curiosity of this man.

Lee has a cherished dream – to have his own motorhome so that he can travel the world on his own and without much effort. Now he is planning a trip to other European countries and is not going to stop.

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