Interesting nature: such twins are born very rarely and happened in this family

These beautiful boys are brothers and not only, they are twins.

At first glance, it cannot be said that the boys Clay and Cole are relatives, for the reason that they are not similar. But they are brothers and not only, they are twins.

One of the boys’ parents is British, and the other is half-Jamaican. The probability of having such twins is one in a million, and in this family it happened.

Despite this, the likelihood that such a spouse will have twins with different skin colors is so small, but they have become a real surprising exception to the rule. Now the boys are about 2 years old.

Their parents will learn that although their children are so different, they love them the same way. The mother opened an account on the Internet for children and already has more than 7 thousand subscribers.

Parents agree that others do not immediately believe that Clay and Cole are twins, but they themselves believe that they were lucky to raise such special children, very different not only in appearance, but also in character.

“If we join new people, they don’t believe me when I tell them they’re twins. They think I’m just joking”, smiles Jade.

The family has an eldest son who was lucky enough to inherit the features of his mother and father.

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