Interesting news: beautiful Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have relationship problems

A sweet tale of true love that is not afraid of any time may end.

There were disagreements between the couple.

Not so long ago, the world media wrote about the excellent relationship of the couple. A chic wedding, mutual public confessions, as well as expensive gifts. All this may remain in the past, because on the eve of the paparazzi managed to photograph the actor who walked the streets alone and diligently hid his left hand in his pocket, on which the wedding ring should be visible.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with Affleck walking alone, and there can’t be. Ben doesn’t have to spend 24 hours a day with his wife. Nevertheless, the foreign press continues to confidently write about the disagreements between the couple, citing the words of insiders who are allegedly quite close to the star couple as proof. According to them, Lopez and Affleck often quarrel, and the actor even stopped wearing a wedding ring.

Recall that the couple’s official wedding ceremony took place on July 16 this year in Las Vegas. Lopez took her husband’s surname and confessed to absolute joy. In August, the couple organized a second wedding anniversary, during which they repeated their vows, but which (unlike the official one) was already attended by guests.

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