Interesting story: here’s what’s going on between Kardashian’s ex-husband and Russian model Shayk

Here’s the relationship between ex-husband Kardashian and Irina Shayk.

Recently, there have been rumors that the ex-husband of the world-famous celebrity and successful model Shayk began dating immediately after her divorce from Kim.

However, this information has not been officially confirmed, and in fact it looks like they are just friends.

Close friends of Kardashian recently shared that the man offered the model to go to Paris for a fashion show, but he categorically refused.

Probably, Shake is not particularly interested in him and does not want to start a romantic relationship with the rapper. She hates all the rumors that spread on the net.

It is worth noting that the couple have known each other for about ten years and Irina even starred in one of his videos. Moreover, a few years ago, the model herself demonstrated a new collection of rapper clothes.

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