Interesting story: this horse entered the guy’s living area and feels very good about himself

An unusual horse actually wandered right into one guy’s living space.

There are certain things you just don’t expect to find in your home, and one of those things is an arbitrary horse.

But that’s exactly what Doug Renaud from Dunedin, New Zealand found in his home.

The unusual horse actually wandered right into his living space and also settled there as if it were the most natural point in the world and that it lived there all the time.

But despite the horse’s laid-back demeanor, Dave was sure he would definitely remember if he had a horse as a roommate.

So Dave made a short blog post on Facebook in which he asked if anyone in the area had a horse missing:

“Has anyone in Highcliff lost a steed? This one went inside, eating fifty percent of my dinner, as well as my partner’s yard carrots. We will definitely keep her as a pet if she doesn’t insist”.

And yet, as it turned out, someone really lacked a horse.

When Ben Telfer-Hynes heard that his horse Sharq had really decided to move in with an unusual guy, he was relieved that everything was fine with his lady.

However, he was not ready to let her move in with the strange man willy-nilly, so he went to Reno’s house to bring the horse back home.

Ben Telfer-Hynes

Sharq confirmed that her experience was over and also dutifully followed her beloved dad’s house.

Telfer-Hynes described that Sharq is a house horse, so she finds it perfectly natural to roam inside.

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