Interview: Paper bird sculptures created by an artist resemble wildlife photographs

Amazing paper bird sculptures

Niharika Rajput Bird Sculptures

Niharika Rajput, an artist, draws inspiration constantly from the incredible beauty of the animal life. Her main inspirations, in particular, are birds, which she attempts to depict in gorgeous paper and metal creations.

The artist, who is based in New Delhi, first started creating three-dimensional sculptures as a way to blend her two interests in art and nature. Rajput has always been fascinated by birds, but it wasn’t until she spotted a group of red-billed blue magpies flying away from a tree that she got the inspiration to create her own version of the magnificent birds. She quickly got momentum and began creating detailed statues of various birds while adoring the fine details of their eyes, beaks, and feathers.

Rajput wants to create every species of living bird through methodical and consistent work. The little artist has already created magnificent copies of several different species, including malachite kingfishers, Indian rollers, and ruby-throated hummingbirds. Each subject is methodically given exact features, resulting in statues that are so realistic that the observer is led to wonder if they are genuine.

While Rajput can examine the characteristics of various kinds while working with paper, she can also spread awareness of animal peril and encourage bird preservation in India and around the world.

Rajput previously chatted with us about her thriving artistic work and exquisite statues of flying birds. Read the exclusive conversation from My Contemporary Met by scrolling down.

Bird in Flight Sculpture

How did you begin creating paper art?

When it came time to choose a career, I opted to combine my love of painting with nature because I have always had a great admiration and keen observation of all things wild. That stated, it took me some time to decide to focus on the paper sculptures. Always of my previous works were abstract in shape and based on nature and fauna, but they all used materials like wire mesh, papier-mâché clay, jute, etc.

Despite my unwavering love for birds, I had never given the idea of creating my own until I witnessed a flock of approximately 12 to 13 red-billed blue birds taking flight from a tree in Himachal Pradesh, a state in Northern India that is located in the Himalayas. For me, this was the pivotal moment. I was in awe by the magnificence of those species, and I knew right once that I wanted to accurately recreate birds in my artworks. Finding the appropriate materials for these sculptures was the next difficult step. Before settling on paper, I experimented with fibre and epoxy. The feathers of the bird were precisely reconstructed using paper as the substrate.

What is the most vital instrument you use as an artist?

I guess I’d have to say my worn-out, outdated set of scissors. They are completely essential to me.

Niharika Rajput Bird SculpturesRealistic Bird Sculpture

What do you hope to accomplish or convey in every one of your works?

My goal is to create birds that are constantly startlingly lifelike, thus the body proportions and feather texture must be just correct. The bird’s eyes are its most distinguishing characteristic, particularly the shine in them, which can really make it come to life. I’m still putting the finishing touches on the emotions and the narrative.

How would you characterise the evolution of your artistic practise?

Since I began creating birds, my artistic practise has advanced greatly. The size, structure, cut, and colour of each bird’s feathers, as well as its plumage, are all unique. For me, it still needs a lot of work to seem real and I consider it to be a learning experience.

Niharika Rajput Bird SculpturesNiharika Rajput Bird Sculptures

How do you choose what kind of bird to create?

Some are, in fact, project-based. I have to construct those birds if they were ordered by people or wildlife organisations. I choose birds for my own projects that I think will be the most difficult and have the most vivid colours. I enjoy creating avian models with the most eye-catching plumage displays.

I look at the many kinds of that specific bird, which can also be region-specific, if I need to develop a collection.

Niharika Rajput Bird SculpturesNiharika Rajput Bird Sculptures

Do you have a favourite piece of art?

Yes, the paper artwork of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird sipping nectar from a coneflower is currently my fave. With the bird dangling in midair, it was a difficult item to construct.

How can you tell when a piece is complete?

When all the components are in place and my audiences are uncertain whether or not it is a genuine bird, I understand my birds are ready.

Realistic Bird SculptureNiharika Rajput Bird Sculptures

What benefit does be an artist have?

a distinct sense of awareness, and dexterity. Making something with my hands is quite meditative and pleasant for me, and my subject puts me in touch with nature, which makes me incredibly happy.

What tasks are you currently completing?

I’m currently working on a project for a client that entails creating three artworks that will hang on a wall. My work on the magnificent fairywren and the verditer flycatcher, which will be perched on a branch, is currently underway after I completed the Indian roller. In most cases, I construct the perches myself rather than using genuine wood.

Bird in Flight SculptureNiharika Rajput Bird Sculptures

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