Intimacy concepts in the context of a pandemic are explored through surreal sculpture of face masks kissing

Sculpture of face masks kissing

Still in One Piece III by Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang, a Hong Kong-based designer, is renowned for his incredible talent at shaping clay into gorgeous ceramic statues. Tsang’s most recent part, Still in One Piece III, was influenced by the environment and includes the effects of the coronavirus. 2 faces in the exquisite statue are closely masked in a kiss.

Tsang highlights the change in social dynamics during COVID-19 by concentrating on the specifics of the human face hidden by the face masks. Face-mask-clad persons kissing is startling since civilization has been socialised to maintain physical separation during the duration of the year. The action is touching, though, at the same time. It serves as a reminder that despite the necessity for distance, we may still savour intimate times.

Considering Tsang’s body of work, the sculpture’s emotional impact is not unique. This specific artwork, which was made from a thin layer of ceramic, elicits a wide range of emotions. It conveys a strong message about the situation of the world today in a subtle yet energetic way.

“During my contemplation at the start of May, this concept appeared out of nowhere. I frequently had thoughts like this come to me. Many of my compositions were inspired by concepts that came to me while I was in contemplation, Tsang informs My Contemporary Met. “I am convinced that I did not come up with these original ideas. But I’m convinced that it must have occurred to me for a purpose. Maybe it’s just that I have the capacity to realise these fantastic concepts and communicate them to the appropriate audiences. I don’t want to read it myself because of this. Everybody who views my artwork, in my opinion, has the freedom to interpret it anyway they like, in accordance with their own feelings.

Look more closely at this extraordinarily powerful—and timely—porcelain artwork by Johnson Tsang.

Detail of Ceramic Face Mask Sculpture by Johnson Tsang

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