Inventive wooden bookcases imitate narrow back alleys in tokyo at night

Wonderful wooden bookcase

Back Alley Bookshelf by Monde

Tokyo-based artist monde has invented a brand-new genre of artwork and architecture called bookcase dioramas. His wood inlays give otherwise plain bookcases a spectacular makeover and give your home the atmosphere of a Japanese dark alleyway. When Monde initially unveiled his “back-alley bookcases” at the arts and crafts fair Design Festa, they generated a lot of buzz.

Monde was astounded at the interest his initiative attracted. It was the first time the piece had reverberated up until that point. I created something I’d like to create in a little way, not just for individuals in Japan but also for those living abroad in countries like the Uk, the U.s., and Canada,” he told BuzzFeed Japan.

His art, which draws inspiration from Tokyo, skillfully captures the disorienting sensation of exploring the city’s back lanes. Monde has been working on the design for two years, constructing the city’s appearance and atmosphere out of various elements. Even some of the designs include lights that give off a gentle light from the bookcase. Additionally, this more recent version is the perfect size to fit among paperback books.

Due to the positive response to his art, he is now taking orders from those who want their own “back-alley bookcase.” On Twitter, questions can be sent through DMs.

Tokyo back lanes are ingeniously portrayed in miniatures by Japanese artist monde that fit on a bookcase.

Bookshelf Diorama by Monde

Even just a curved walkway that looks like a true dark alleyway at dark is lit up.

Back Alley Bookshelf by Monde

Source: Twitter

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