It is incomprehensible to envy or admire: this famous beautiful actress of the world disappointed fans

The recent appearance of Johansson in untidy form and with strange hair styling.

There is no need to mention that S. Johansson is considered one of the most attractive and seductive stars of the film industry and, according to the results of the latest polls, most men dreamed of it. No one can remain indifferent to an outstanding actress: people either envy or admire a cult woman.

Despite the fact that no one is perfect and nobody without flaw and imperfection, the charm and charisma of the actress is clearly visible even from the screen. Therefore, it is not surprising that Johansson is removed only with superheroes, in which it is difficult not to fall in love.

But the recent appearance of a cult actress in a mint dress, aged and untidy form and a bizarre hairstyle disappointed some of her fans. Many noticed her stomach and a couple of extra pounds.

To general surprise, later it turned out that the actress was caught immediately after filming the film, and many noted that she did not even have time to change clothes or at least wash away the makeup.

At the same time, no one will deny that the famous actress has recently gained weight, which was noticed on the red carpet. Some even noticed cellulite on her feet when the star was found on vacation.

However, all of us should take into account that the actress had a child, after which it is quite difficult to lose weight and quickly bringing herself into a form.

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