It was a difficult period: Jennifer Aniston spoke about unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant

For the first time, the actress agreed to talk about her attempts to become a mother.

For years, Jennifer Aniston had to live under the weight of news of her opposition to becoming a mother. The fans of the actress, as well as the press, mercilessly attacked her with the same question, why did she not give birth to a child?

Becoming the heroine of the new issue of Allure magazine, Jennifer Aniston revealed to subscribers not only a gorgeous body, but also a soul. For the first time, the actress agreed to talk about her attempts to become a mother, for the first time she admitted that failures affected her peace of mind, and for the first time she denied speculation that Brad Pitt left her because she did not want to have children.

“When I was 30-40 years old, I had a rather difficult period. I made an attempt to get pregnant. For me it was a difficult route. All these years have been filled with endless guesswork. It was a really tough period. I went through IVF, drank Chinese teas … I was ready for anything. I did everything. I would have given anything then and now to have someone tell me then, Freeze your balls. Treat yourself. I just didn’t think about it at the time. And here I am. My train is gone”, the actress admitted.

Most will think that Aniston still regrets that she could not become a mother. But no. The famous star admits that she feels “a little relieved” because now she “no longer needs to think about it”. The actress, whose childhood was at the epicenter of events for many years, did not escape the rumors that Pete left her for Angelina Jolie only because they do not have common children.

“God forbid a woman to succeed and not give birth to a child. It was like my husband (Brad Pitt) left me and ended our marriage because I didn’t have a child for him. Absolute lie! I have nothing to hide at the moment”, Jennifer said.

Aniston has two breakups, but most often she is bombarded with questions about Pitt. Meanwhile, under the announcement of the interview on the Internet, the actress was not supported by herself, but by her second ex-husband named Justin Theroux. Jennifer seems to be on great terms with all of her exes. However, at present, the heart of the actress is absolutely free. She is not sure if she will marry again or not, but from time to time at home she is terribly lacking in human warmth.

“Never say never”! But for now, I don’t care. Would I like to be in a relationship? Who knows? There are times when I just want to curl up and say, “I need help”. It would be great to come home, fall into someone’s arms and say. “It’s been a hard day”.

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