It was surprising for everyone: the blogger published photos of her son with a special appearance

She made a decision and posted a photo of her boy without clothes.

24-year-old well-known blogger Katya Mezenova has almost 2 million subscribers. She posts beauty secrets and workouts to achieve a beautiful body. The blogger also shares photos of his partner and boy Maxim.

For 1.5 years, Kate hid a secret from her followers, which aggravated her emotional stress. But she made a decision and published a photo of her boy without clothes. She surprised everyone by posting full pictures of her boy and it’s because her boy has a skin feature.

“I made a decision for this post for almost 1.5 years. You have no idea how hard it was for me to talk to you about this secret. But now I feel much better. At first, only a few people knew about it. My partner and I did not dare to tell anyone about this. I open my heart to you,” says Kate.

Even the best doctors did not dare to confirm the cause of this feature of the boy’s skin. The couple recently discovered a doctor who has dealt with similar issues before.

“The doctor gives us opportunities and faith, but in order to cure Maxim and realize the danger of growing this “feature”, almost 420,000 euros are required. Therefore, we turned to a charitable foundation for help, which is now raising funds”, said Kate.

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