It was very beautiful: a talented trio took the stage to perform the song “The Prayer”

The talent of these incredibly unique children is undeniable.

As soon as the three children took to the Voice of the Children stage to sing an epic piece from voice-over legends Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, the jury and audience were in awe. It’s one thing to look up to such legends, but children perform here, and their talent is undeniable. During the fight “The Voice Kids” Matteo, Claudia and Matteo Marcus perform “The Prayer” and were tense at first. The opening music begins as the camera pans over each young singer preparing to perform.

After that Claudia starts the song and the first note is flawless; the audience applauds and the judges are instantly impressed. The boys then switch places and touch tenderly as each singer steps into their role, their parents weep backstage and the audience sit at the edge of their seats, the judge appearing overwhelmed with emotion. He stands up, visibly moved by this uplifting performance as all three voices merge into one.

The crowd explodes as they hit the last note and the kids perform for a mini-encore.

Surprisingly, the song was originally recorded as two separate compositions, one in English by Dion and the other in Italian by Bocelli. In 1999, the song won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and was also nominated for an Oscar in the same category. Moreover, in 2000 he received a well-deserved Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Collaboration. In the company of many comments written on the YouTube video of the speech, there were questions about how everyone can choose who will move on to the next stage, with one person asking, “How can you choose from three?” it was incredibly beautiful. “I cried”.

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