It would seem scary when the dog went to a huge lion, but their meeting really surprised everyone

The indestructible friendship of a dog with a white lion is unique.

Camila, a chocolate labrador, grew up in the company of the worst wild monsters of Mexico in the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation.

Her indestructible friendship with white lion Miki is unique!

Miki and Camila are two creatures from one group who remain close, no matter what, despite their wonderful differences.

This picture shows one of the rare cases when Camila and Miki quarreled for a short while during the game.

Miki is the first to leave the scene due to his aggressive nature.

Camila, on the other hand, is quietly waiting in the aviary, until her stupid friend calm down.

Miki, as expected, terribly feels cruel and quickly apologizes in front of his wagging tail friend-priest.

When he approaches Camila and gently takes her paw, the magnificent lion bashfully lowers his head.

He licks her paw and asks to forget about their trivial disagreements in a loving demonstration of forgiveness.

For her, this is all water under the bridge, because it discards this topic and joins Miki in the game in pursuit.

At so many levels, friendship between these two polar opposites causes bewilderment!

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