Italians made cats across the world envious by showing them the carelles life of her cats

The carelles life of the cats

If there is feline contentment, it certainly appears in the pictures of Alessandra from Liguria. She goes above and above for her dogs. She shares their selections on her social media.

They appear to be just another cat, cared for properly by their owners, but the media took an interest in them. How?

Grosu is a diamond from one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, Liguria. Although it was really hot outside, the owner of the cat didn’t cut her hair not to lose his natural charm.

The cats of Alessandra frequently appear in various shows. But Grosu is fortunate since no one bothers him, he doesn’t participate in the shows, and he can simply eat as much as he wants while being shot.

Kittens are quite sociable and get along well with both people and other animals, including dogs and cats. They successfully climb trees, and once something is demonstrated, they will always exercise caution. But who can stop a strong, self-assured cat from breaking the law?

Her cats don’t feel like pets, according to the keeper. They are the legal owners of the home, and their preferences and opinions are respected.

Everyone is happy if the cat is content.

If necessary, they will obey like dogs with no issues or jokes. Additionally, there is no cat jealousy. The cats live quiet, happy lives full of harmony because of this.

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