It’s because of his best friend, who always leads him, that this blind dog can move

A blind dog can move…

Obedient dog When Hoshi was 11 years old, glaucoma caused him to lose both of his eyes. Hoshi’s magnificence is not diminished by his blindness, albeit it was a terrible ordeal for him and his family.

Fortunately, Hoshi spotted a baby angel named Zen who was found on the streets of Spokane, Washington, months before the procedure where his eyes were removed.

In addition to having a filthy and neglected appearance, Zen also displayed a number of health problems, including an enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, a small trachea, and a bad state of his teeth.

I fell in love the moment I saw him, said Paulina Pérez, the human mother of these two magnificent dogs. We were unaware of the potential importance of Zen in Hoshi’s life.

When Paulina Pérez and her partner agreed to adopt Zen, they were worried of how Hoshi would react because he was going through a really trying time in his life. However, to their astonishment, Zen and Hoshi hit it off right away.

The growth of their relationship was advantageous to both parties; although it is clear that Zen supports Hoshi, Hoshi has also been supportive of Zen. When Zen first moved into his new home, he was quite nervous, but with Hoshi’s help, he was able to calm down and show off all of his beauty.

The reason Zen is always by Hoshi’s side, guiding and taking care of him, suggests that he is fully aware of the need for his help. They undoubtedly comprehend the meaning of a true friend.

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