It’s disgusting that people are cleaning their wooden spoons in boiling water

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The washing of wood kitchen spoons is the subject of one of the most informative TikTok clips we’ve lately seen. You will continue reading and learning if you own any additional wooden tools. This solution is also beneficial for your castings and kitchen utensils.

You might not be aware of it, but your wooden spoons contain a tonne of dust and grease. It is simple to understand why so many individuals fail to notice this truth given that it is not always discernible with the naked eye.

However, one TikTok member revealed a tip for getting rid of the bacteria and concealed oil. All you need to do is Put the wooden spoons in the hot water to dry!

Clearly define your wooden spoon into a high – temperature container, then pour boiling hot water into the glass. See the grease climb to the top of the water as the spoon is left in the water.

You won’t rub your eyes when you see how much fat is removed from the spoon after it has been dipped in the hot water. We didn’t realise how much dirt our spoons could hold.

@mattadlard I’m never using wooden spoons again 🤢 (INSTGRAM: @mattdlard) #fyp #hack #learnontiktok #clean ♬ original sound – Matt Adlard

Have you ever used this method to wash your wooden plates and cutlery? How did you feel? Inform us!

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