Kefir, a two-year-old cat, is the largest and cannot even fit inside his owner’s little apartment

The largest cat

Maine coon Kefir stands out in every aspect from all other cats. He weighs 27 pounds, and most people think he’s a dog. Kefir is two years old, although he is larger than other Maine coons of his breed, despite the fact that cats of his kind are normally larger than others.

His Russian owner Yulia Minina felt she had to bring him home with her at once. As soon as they arrived at their house, she understood that Kefir wouldn’t behave like other cats.

Yulia recalls, “He wouldn’t touch dry food and had to be fed meat and natural feed.”

Although, due to his size, Kefir may seem scary to some, he is just a kind ball of fur.

The enormous cat’s fur also contributes to his stature, so Yulia makes sure to cut him occasionally to make him feel lighter and less threatening to onlookers. He automatically becomes the centre of attention whenever they host guests.

However, experts claim that it is typical behaviour for Maine coons and that, like dogs, they are also extremely amiable to passersby.

He also has another habit, which is to sleep on me at night. It wasn’t bothersome to me when he was a kitten. But now that he’s grown huge and heavy, it’s obviously hard to sleep like that,» Minina explains.

He is bigger than the bed, so he can’t fully enjoy bedtime with his mother.

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