Labrador Molly is preserving the environment by removing trash

Labrador Molly was removing trash

Since pollution is such a serious issue today, not only humans but also animals are cleaning up.

Molly is this lovely Labrador. She is from Scarborough, England, and her goal is to make the world more orderly. In 2017, she started with a nearby beach.

Everything began when Fliss Carter, her owner, realised that her puppy liked to find and play with plastic bottles. But rather than getting upset, Fliss instructed the dog to gather trash. Since that time, they have been strolling together along the beach while also benefiting the environment.

Simply receiving praise from Fliss causes the dog’s eyes to sparkle with glee because Molly likes gathering things so much that she doesn’t even ask for treats.

Fliss trained her pet not to handle potentially hazardous items like needles and other sharp objects.

Sometimes Molly steals bottles from other people since she can’t tell the difference between empty and full bottles, but the victims are incredibly forgiving and don’t get upset at all.

Molly and Fliss now always carry buckets and bags when they leave the house. The cleaning team rose to fame in their community.

Fliss hopes that by noticing the compassionate dog, other people will change their perspective on the natural world. We hope additional critters will take Molly’s lead and contribute to making this world a little bit cleaner.

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