Little cat who barely made it grew up and stunned everyone with its beauty

Little beautiful beauty

Beth, a Kitty Kottage volunteer, received a call about a tiny cat that was abandoned and battling for life.

Beth was also left in awe after viewing the baby since, even at three weeks old, he appeared to have been born yesterday.

Due to his health issues, even his mother cat had abandoned him.

The only way to provide him the care he needed was to artificially feed him, first from a probe and subsequently from a bottle.

However, in the early days, even these sophisticated methods were insufficient, thus the infant was only placed on maintenance drips.

For the first twenty-four hours, Guinness (as the kitten was known) required care from someone, so Beth’s entire family took care of him.

The kitten quickly developed great strength, started eating on his own, and developed close attachments to his adoptive family, especially to Beth, on whose breast he was accustomed to sleeping.

The family members were astounded to see the tiny, mousy cat develop into a beautiful, sociable, and loving cat who became a devoted friend to each and every member of Beth’s family.

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