Lovely face: this sweet dog has a unique smile that captivates everyone at first sight

Dog Chevy with an enthusiastic smile makes everyone fall in love at first sight.

He is always optimistic.

Hello, my name is Chevy. I am an 8 year old Pomeranian currently living with my mom and dad in Kettering, Ohio.

His owner, Tina Markum Denlinger, stated that his beloved dog just loves the little things in life, and there are always factors that bring a big smile.

Chevy’s mom told PFCO. “Every little thing is a memory. If we had chosen to walk, he would have jumped in to celebrate. If there is food, he is additionally happy. He is always delighted”.

The hopeful little doggy Chevy entered Tina’s mother’s life just when she needed his smirks the most.

He is so nice.

Chevy loves to go hiking. He wears a hat at all times to keep the sun out of his eyes, and also often sits in the front seat of his moms and dads’ golf cars.

Everyone sees him… and he has insurance so that he doesn’t fall. It’s like he’s going on a trip or something. He is always full of hope.

We first saw him smile at the vet’s office when we most likely picked him up there.

When the health worker took him outside and saw my partner, he had the brightest smile on his face.

Every time people see him, Chevy is always happy and also has a wider smile than his own.

Chevy’s leisure activities include eating bacon, riding golf carts, and constantly hiking with his owner, and he consistently brings more joy to everyone he satisfies.

Many pet product brands have invited this dog as their brand ambassador.

The owner told PFCO that Chevy’s permanent smile disappears in some cases if he is upset, and also, if he gets some food, he will quickly bring it back with a big smile.

Chevy’s charming smile always delighted his moms, dads and everyone he treated on the road.

We haven’t seen him have a negative day yet.

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