Luminescent sculptures investigate our relationship to a technologically-driven world

Wonderful sculptures from a technologically-driven world

Doug Aitken Contemporary Art

In his most recent show, Back to the Actual, American artist Doug Aitken has successfully captured the mutability of today’s reality, which is a continuously shifting source of motivation. Aitken’s exhibition, which comprises of the 2 works All Doors Open and Inside Out, is on display at the Victoria Miro Exhibition. He describes it as a “picture of the current” or the “nearish term.”

Aitken uses solitary sculptures that glow with color-changing leds in accordance with complementing soundscapes for these interactive works. A glowing feminine figure sprawled over a table in the opening scene of All Doors Open is seen idly reaching for her smartphone. The only things on stage that are lit by the neon blue light are her, the telephone, a bunch of fruit, and a shopping bag on the ground. The sitter is “caught in the middle of a silent period,” according to Aitken, who described the situation as a “expectation for knowledge.”

A different lone woman, standing in the middle of the Inside Out artwork, is depicted in a separate room. She is made of Zebrino marble. Despite having the appearance of a typical woman, the artwork is actually a person that has been divided in two and has mirrored surfaces inside. The reflective interior interacts with the outside lighting and things to produce a fascinating experience. While reflective metal chimes gently rotate and play choral music, the wall behind the human statue glows hues of blue, pink, and purple. According to Aitken, who spoke with Dezeen, “I desired the raw, warehouse-style area to give an acute presence of the tangible.”

The artist wants to investigate how we relate to the contemporary, technologically advanced environment that keeps us connected all the time in both of his works. We are in a new era of “total connectedness,” according to Aitken, “where screen space has essentially equaled the actual environment.” This bizarre change in development thrusts us into uncharted territory and a new frontier for which we are ill-equipped. These pieces of art explore the issues of where we can go, how we can face the future, and how we can navigate a world that is accelerating and changing.

Back to the Real will be on display at the London Victoria Miro Gallery through December 20, 2019.

Doug Aitken has erected luminous, color-changing artworks that investigate our interaction with a technologically advanced world.

Doug Aitken SculptureDoug Aitken Sculpture


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The 2 artworks are described by Aitken as a “picture of the contemporary” or “nearish term.”

Doug Aitken InstallationDoug Aitken InstallationDoug Aitken Installation


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