Madame Eyebrows, the saddest dog, will make you cry with her appearance

The saddest dog of the world

Have you ever considered a pet with such an unusual appearance? Her sombre expression will have you in tears. However, she is not as depressed as we might believe. Despite having such an odd look, Madame Eyebrows is genuinely joyful!

Internet users dubbed Madame Eyebrows the world’s most depressed dog after they recently discovered her Instagram.

Madame Brow is a very happy and good-natured bulldog that loves to play and run, according to her owner Yanina, despite her outward look. She is a really content dog in real life. She has a great sense of humour and is very devoted to her family.

Her joyful life is not displayed on Instagram, but she enjoys spending time with her loving owners and making them smile with her sweet disposition. Being able to watch her and appreciate her unusual appearance is absolutely fantastic.

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