Many do not believe him: the famous actor Zac Efron said, what caused his facial deformation

In one of the interviews, he made it clear that everything is because of the wound.

Last year, the whole Internet actively discussed the image of Zac Efron.

There was a serious reason for that, and it consisted in changing the shape of the face, the actor seemed to cross the line, doing injections, but in one of the last interviews, the Hollywood star made it clear that it was all because of the wound.

Zac Efron was a guest of one of the famous programs, where he told that his new face shape was the result of misfortune.

As the actor reported, he hit the corner of the granite fountain and damaged his jaw, as a result of which the jaw was deformed, plastic intervention is not necessary here.

Zac Efron admitted what caused his facial deformity. Many doubt his justification.

In fact, the Internet did not believe the actor.

We remind you that a year ago Zac Efron broke up with his partner Vanessa Valladares after several months of romance.

It also turned out that the girl worked as a waitress, and after meeting Zac, she quit her job to spend more time with him. And in the spring, the actor was spotted in the company of strangers.

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